Robin Cerutti


“Celia” Mirror edition series

76x 114 cm

print 2/6

Printed on premium archive paper laminated on Dijon and under anti-reflective Plexi

Robin Cerutti’s artist career is atypical to say the least. Indeed, in addition to his exceptional talents as a photographer, he holds a doctorate in nanotechnology. It was in 2006, when he worked for IBM in New York, that he emerged as an artist and his work began to be recognized and to make a place for himself on the art scene and in the fashion world. In New York, Robin Cerutti first exhibited his works at the Collective Gallery 173-171, based in the Chinatown district, as well as on behalf of the American Italian Cancer Foundation, at an event organized by Damiani and Kiton. In 2012, he created a “Post-modern Pop” collection, distributed via digital art mediums, as part of the closing of Tom Wesselmann’s exhibition at the Montreal Fine Arts Museum. Since then, his works have begun to go around the world, via Las Olas Fine-Art in Florida (2016) and by the group of Galeries Marciano in Paris (2017).

He is represented in Paris by Maison Contemporain, a new online art gallery and an initiative in favor of the emerging French and international scene in contemporary art. courtesy of the artist Robin Cerutti & Maison contemporain



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